Seo, E., Song, J., & Jin, C. (2023) Heterogeneity of optimal balance between exploration and exploitation: The moderating role of firm technological capability and industry alliance network position. Industry and Innovation, 30(4): 423-451. Link

Seo, E. & Somaya, D. (2022) Living it up at the Hotel California: Employee mobility barriers and collaborativeness in firms’ innovation. Organization Science, 33(2): 766-784. Link

  • Winner, Best Interdisciplinary Paper Award (Strategic Human Capital IG), Strategic Management Society Annual Conference in Paris, 2018
  • Winner, SERI Best Doctoral Student Paper AwardAssociation of Korean Management Scholars, 2019

Seo, E., Kang, H., & Song, J. (2020) Blending talents for innovation: Team composition for cross-border R&D collaboration within multinational corporations. Journal of International Business Studies, 51(5): 851-885. Link

  • Winner, AmorePacific Best Student Paper Award, AIB Korea Chaper, 2019

Working Papers

Internal collaboration and inventor mobility: Quasi-experimental evidence from an office consolidation

  • Published in 2021 AOM Best Paper Proceedings
  • Under Reject and Resubmit at Strategic Management Journal

External knowledge sourcing and employee mobility barriers (with Deepak Somaya)

  • Under Reject and Resubmit at Strategic Management Journal

Collaboration and knowledge spillovers through mobile inventors

  • Under 2nd Round Review at Journal of Management

Exploratory innovation under capital market pressure: A randomized policy experiment of short-selling constraint (with Hyo Kang & Jingoo Kang)

  • Under 1st Round Review at Research Policy

The effect of stakeholder orientation on entrepreneurial venture (with Myeongho Park & Per L. Bylund)

  • Under 1st Round Review at Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice

Does who helps you impact your behavior? Examining the effects of social interactions on knowledge sharing in online communities (with Frank Nagle & Sonali Shah) Link

  • Preparing submission to Strategic Management Journal