Seo, E., Song, J., & Jin, C. (2022) Heterogeneity of optimal balance between exploration and exploitation: The moderating role of firm technological capability and industry alliance network position. Industry and Innovation, forthcoming. Link

Seo, E. & Somaya, D. (2022) Living it up at the Hotel California: Employee mobility barriers and collaborativeness in firms’ innovation. Organization Science, 33(2): 766-784. Link

  • Winner, Best Interdisciplinary Paper Award (Strategic Human Capital IG), Strategic Management Society Annual Conference in Paris, 2018
  • Winner, SERI Best Doctoral Student Paper AwardAssociation of Korean Management Scholars, 2019

Seo, E., Kang, H., & Song, J. (2020) Blending talents for innovation: Team composition for cross-border R&D collaboration within multinational corporations. Journal of International Business Studies, 51(5): 851-885. Link

  • Winner, AmorePacific Best Student Paper Award, AIB Korea Chaper, 2019

Working Papers

Internal collaboration and inventor mobility: Quasi-experimental evidence from an office consolidation

  • Published in 2021 AOM Best Paper Proceedings
  • Under Reject and Resubmit at Strategic Management Journal

External knowledge sourcing and employee mobility barriers (with Deepak Somaya)

  • Under Reject and Resubmit at Strategic Management Journal

Does who helps you impact your behavior? Examining the effects of social interactions on knowledge sharing in online communities (with Frank Nagle & Sonali Shah) Link

  • Under Reject and Resubmit at Organization Science

Exploratory innovation under capital market pressure: A randomized policy experiment of short-selling constraint (with Hyo Kang & Jingoo Kang)

  • Under Review at Strategic Management Journal

Collaboration and knowledge spillovers through mobile inventors

  • Preparing for submission to Strategic Management Journal